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A residence is usually in the form of a house, shelter, or other structure that is used as a place for humans to live. The term can be used for a variety of dwellings, from nomadic tents to high-rise apartments. In certain contexts, residence has the same meaning as house, residence, accommodation, housing, and other meanings.

The social unit living in a liang court is referred to as a household. Generally, a household is a family, although a household can be another social group, such as a single person, or a group of individuals who are not related to the family. Agrarian and industrial groups consist of households living in various types of residences, depending on the type of work.

Tricks to choose a house design according to your character. Good for the Future!
Owning your own home is now not just a dream anymore, but has become a demand and involves self-esteem. Plus, the desire must be realized because it can be a benchmark for your life to be successful or not. And from now on, there’s nothing wrong if you think about what kind of house you want, after all, it will be a place to live with your little family later.

Starting from the building in a minimalist form or not, consisting of a lot of wood or not, to what kind of interior design you have to think about. Well, because your house is your palace, there’s nothing wrong with having the design adjusted to your own personality. In addition to making it easier for you to adapt, choosing a house according to your personality will always make you feel at home there.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the 6 home design themes according to the characters that Hipwee Tips have prepared below!

1. You who think nothing of simple and don’t like adventurous, you should choose a house with a traditional feel and close to nature

A house with a large yard and green grass is everyone’s dream. However, this will be more suitable for you who were born as a simple person and not adventurous. Sculptures from wood will also be the main attraction because they can improve your mood, simple people who don’t have much style.

2. A vintage or classic style house will also make the lives of eccentric perfectionists better
Those of you who feel that small things must be done before the big ones fit perfectly with this vintage home design. Even though it’s classic and seems old school, it won’t be a problem because you are comfortable with things like this.

Vintage style is synonymous with utilizing all old furniture that can still be used. Especially if the goods are left by their parents or family from a long time ago that are still stored. Hmm… antique and very unique according to your personality!

3. Your gentle personality, doesn’t like violence and forgiving hobbies fits perfectly with the all-white and minimally decorated house design

This type of Scandinavian house is indeed the most suitable for you who don’t really like crowds and tend to be quiet. Your gentle and relentless personality will also be supported by this typical European house design. Usually Scandinavian-style houses are synonymous with white which implies serenity. Your relentless busyness is very fitting if you use this concept, plus the simple furniture.

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4. Are you the type of person who is easy to get along with and anti if you miss the latest trends? Yup! Minimalist but modern home design is the right choice

For those of you who are modern and like to look stylish, minimalist style is the right choice for your dream home. Practical furniture allows you to save space and space in the house. The colors are also neutral, so you don’t need to be confused anymore to mix and match wall paint with furniture.

However, the furniture is always up to date, so you have to be willing to spend money to buy new things. So, be smart to save money, yes!

5. Your glamorous lifestyle and fond of branded goods will be supported by a luxurious European-style home design like in Korean films. Ugh, this sucks.

The hard work you do every day often makes you want the ‘payment’ that is worth it. You so intend to have luxurious and elegant items that are able to satisfy your heart. For you, as long as your financial condition is still safe and you can control your expenses, buying luxury goods is fine.

Therefore, you can use the classic European style that is often seen in royal films, you know. Starting from the glittering furniture, golden colors, and wah carvings dominate it. Back again, smart about spending, yes!

6. Pop art; modern house design that fits the character of art lovers, paintings, museums and quirky objects

For those of you who like art and like to look quirky, there’s nothing wrong with using a pop art theme in the interior of your home. With this theme, you are free to apply yourself according to your personality. This is supported by flashy colors and clash of colors. You also shouldn’t hesitate to bring out your own creative side, for example with pictures of idols displayed on walls or pillowcases.

7. You’re a girly girl and love all things pastel Shabby chic is a great home theme!

The feminine side and elegance as a girl can’t hurt you to radiate it too in choosing a house theme. You can use a shabby chic theme that is synonymous with flowers and pastel colors. The interior also takes some vintage sides, but is made as modern as possible. Guaranteed, your warmth as a girl will be very thick!

Because your house is your palace, then you have to pay close attention to what the building and interior look like. You can’t just decide what theme is good to choose. Let’s realize your personality into the shape of your future home!