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How to Increase Buttocks, Can Be With Sports or Naturally


It is undeniable that the buttocks are one of the attractions of women in the eyes of men. But more than that, many people believe that women with big butts will give birth to smart children. Booty enhancer Many are finally interested in finding out how to enlarge the buttocks, both for the sake of appearance and beliefs about smart children.

The Science Times wrote, a study from the University of Oxford in 2010 stated that a large buttocks can give birth to healthy children. This is concluded because the large buttocks stored high Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids affect the normal development of the baby’s brain.

In addition, it is mentioned in the same article that evidence shows that the fat content in breast milk originates from the lower part of the mother’s body, which includes the thighs, buttocks, and surroundings. So, the high Omega 3 content eventually also becomes part of a balanced intake of baby food. However, having a big butt is not the only way to have smart children.

Meanwhile, Africa Check asked the University of Oxford to clarify whether it is true that body fat in the thighs and buttocks is related to the intelligence of children born. It was written in one of their articles that Chris McIntyre, the university’s media relations manager, said the claim appeared to be a misreported from a 2010 paper.

Despite all that, there are still many women who want to know how to enlarge the buttocks, for each reason. If you are one of those who are looking for ways to enlarge the buttocks, then it is mandatory to read this article to the end, because here we will explain how to enlarge the buttocks with exercise and also how to enlarge the buttocks naturally.

Raising Buttocks that Moms Can Do at Home

Before getting into how to enlarge the buttocks naturally, let’s first check the 10 ways to enlarge the buttocks with exercise as reported by Women’s Health below:

1. Doing the Water Squat
The first, how to enlarge the buttocks with exercise is with this movement. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, get into a squat position resting on your knee joints, and swing your arms up. Make sure your knee is in line with the toes underneath. Then resting on your heels, push your body back up, and press your buttocks up.

2. Doing the Clams . Move

Lie on your side and support your body with your elbows, keeping your head in the direction of your body. Lift your hips at a 45-degree angle, and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Push the knee at the top away from the bottom, keeping the leg attached. Pause when your knees are at the top, tighten your glutes and abs, then move your knees back down.

3. Do the Glute Bridge Movement

Lie on the floor, feet hip-width apart, and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Tighten your glutes and lower your hips as your first position. Then push your heels up, remaining 3 seconds before slowly lowering your buttocks back down.

4. Doing the Rainbows Glute Move

Position your body like you want to crawl. Lift your left leg and stretch it straight behind you. Move the straight left leg in an arc, parallel to the body, over the right leg which is still in a crawling position. Touch the toes to the floor every stop on the right and left. Do the same on the right leg as well.

5. Doing the Gorilla Squat Gerakan

This one movement also includes how to enlarge the buttocks with exercise. Spread your feet hip-width apart, and position your arms hanging in front of you. Get down into a squat position and keep your knees not over or in line with your toes. When in a squat position, let your knuckles lightly touch the floor before you push back on your heels and stand back up.

6. Doing the Kneeling Hinge Gerakan

Start in a semi-standing kneeling position, placing your hips on your knees to stabilize your position. Move your body into a semi-sitting kneeling position and your head toward the floor, engaging your core and hinge muscles in your hips, until your body forms a 90-degree angle and you can feel your glutes work. Then with the buttocks as well, push the body back into a kneeling position half standing.

7. Doing the Hip Abduction Movement

Similar to how to enlarge the buttocks with clams, in the second point, you can start this movement by lying on your side. Use your arms to support your upper body. Keeping your upper body still, raise your overhead leg toward the ceiling, then lower it back down with control.

8. Do the Hip Adduction Movement

How to enlarge the buttocks with this one sport seems a bit complicated, but it’s worth the try. Just like the previous movement, Hip adduction also begins by lying on your side and supporting your upper body with your arms. Cross the legs that are above, in front of the body and position with the soles of the feet touching the floor. With control, lift the lower leg as far off the ground as you can, then lower it.

9. Doing Pulse Lunges

Perform the position of the right foot like kneeling with the toes towards the back, and the left foot as if squatting with the soles of the feet touching the ground towards the front. Lift the knee of your right leg a few inches, keeping your toes supported, and don’t go up too high. Return to the lower position, but don’t let your knees touch the floor. Do it also by alternating the position of the legs.

10. Doing the Side Lunge

Start in an upright standing position. With your left leg in place, bring your right leg out to the side, ending with your knees bent, and allowing your glutes to rise, keeping your back straight. Return to standing position. Do it alternately with the other leg.