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A Touch of Contemporary French Design to Add Beauty to Your Home

Collaboration across art divisions seems to be increasingly familiar in the creative industry. Bar stool vintage have seen artist Yayoi Kusama collaborating with well-known fashion brand Louis Vuitton, or artist Jeff Koons collaborating with fashion brand H&M.

Not only fine art artists, there are lots of collaborations between top fashion brand designers and other art divisions. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Ora Ito, and Sonia Rykiel whose works adorn French household furniture from Roche Bobois.

Want to see firsthand the beauty of Roche Bobois furniture design? Now you don’t have to go far abroad anymore, because the company that has been around for more than 50 years has opened its first showroom on Jl Wahid Hasyim No 47, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Having a contemporary and classic concept, Roche Bobois presents a variety of beautiful interiors with the best quality that can be adapted to your home design style, Fimelova.

Green Accents for an Instagrammable Room

Being pantone’s color of the year, the green color is increasingly visible, starting from designer designs for simple ready-to-wear outfits to couture dresses for celebrity-style red carpets. Even leaves are now increasingly popular as part of the photo aesthetics of international fashion bloggers to local Instagrammers.

The creativity of the art world will not stop there to take advantage of colors that provide this shady accent. The world of interior design does not want to be outdone. The game of green color with its gradations is cleverly modified to become a decoration element, from minimalist to Scandinavian styles can use this green accent.

Interested in shedding this trend in the bedroom? Choose a dark green paint color for the walls, complement or contrast it with gold, silver or black room accessories to create an elegant minimalist effect. If you love to change the color of the walls of the room, the selection of accessories and furniture in green can be the solution.
Simple, change the bed sheet and bed cover or curtains with various gradations of green color choices. Or want to try a little? Start hunting for some plant options (such as cacti and other small plants or slightly larger ones) as decorative accessories to give the room a cool, leafy atmosphere. Voila! A room full of Insta-worthy photo spot! P.s. please, don’t blame us if you really love your room later.

Millennial Pink Color, Suitable as Outfit and Charming for Interior

It’s no stranger to see the world’s pink designer designs passing by at the fashion week show some time ago. Yes, this beautiful color full of feminine impression is becoming a favorite of fashionistas. The combination of pink fashion items is able to give a flaming accent to the display. If you are afraid to look too girly, don’t immediately use a dark pink top. Choose a top with a soft dusty pink color and mix it up with accessories such as a necklace or bag in neutral colors like black to give it an edgy touch or contrast it to give a statement accent.

What’s even more fun is that pink doesn’t always look beautiful on the outfit alone, even the spatial decorations can be modified in such a way with a touch of this soft color. Various decorating ideas with various styles from minimalism to healthy clutter can be poured into the arrangement of the room in the residence.

If you don’t want to look too feminine, maybe you don’t need to change the paint color of the room with pink. It is enough to choose room decoration knick-knacks such as wall hangings in the form of paintings that have a pink touch or by choosing a pink carpet or table lamp.

Don’t be afraid to combine this gorgeous color with other contrasting or neutral colors. If you want to apply a simple minimalist style, you can combine pink as a wall color with white or black for your choice of room furniture decoration colors. The key, never be afraid to clash colors when playing with pink, whether for everyday outfits or decorating your beloved room. This pink color sensation will keep you away from boring words.