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17 Types of Bar Stools


Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream. Especially if the house has a modern feel that you can be proud of when friends come. Bar stool vintage But what you need to pay attention to, this modern feel is not only presented with complicated decorations. You just need to give some accents at home, for example by placing a bar stool.

With the right bar stools, you can bring a modern feel to your home. Examples are the bar stools below for inspiration for modern accents in your home!

1. Industrial Stool
This industrial bar stool carries a minimalist concept, only in the form of a four-foot iron support and a wooden stand. A practical choice to add a modern feel to the home. In addition, the stool chair model is guaranteed to be able to support your body for hours. Because of the simplicity of its shape, this bar stool is easy to move.


2. Lucia Bar Stool
Do you like stylish bar stools? Just choose this one bar stool! Lucia Bar Stool comes with a light colored plastic stand and backrest to make you more comfortable. The modern feel that is carried is felt through the black metal metal on the four legs. Not only is it suitable to be placed near the bar table, this chair is also suitable for you to place in the kitchen.

3. Clearie Bar Stool
Clearie Bar Stool comes with a unique classic shape. The distinctive pastel colors not only give a modern impression, but also provide a calm and friendly atmosphere. This chair is suitable to be used as a beautiful seat in the kitchen room, family room, or living room. Choose the most suitable color variation to raise your mood.

4. Weldon Backless Bar Stool
Minimalist and simple design, makes many people like this one bar stool. The colors offered by the Weldon Backless Bar Stool are quite striking. There are red, yellow, and other colors that make the aluminum material even more shiny. Besides being attractive, this bar stool is very fitting to be an icon of a modern accent in your home.

5. Habitus Bar Stool
Habitus Bar Stool has a different touch in each part. At the bottom, we can see four fulcrum that can support the weight of the chair user. At the top we can see a glossy brown wooden board as a stand with a slightly curved design.

Not only there, the presence of a chair back that matches the seat also makes this bar stool more comfortable to use. The color combination is simple, but still impressive modernity.

6. Delta Aluminum Bar Stool
This aluminum bar stool features a classic European style. The appearance also looks casual by the metal, wood, or plastic furnishings. Delta Aluminum Bar Stool is also equipped with a comfortable backrest. Making it the type of bar stool that is suitable to be placed in the kitchen or workspace. Also add a sofa cushion or a slightly more comfortable sitting cushion.
Interestingly, the legs are also equipped with foam rubber. So you don’t have to worry about the floor of the house being damaged when sliding this bar stool.

7. Real Good Stool
Real Good Stool is a modern bar stool made of metal which is then powdered with bright and striking colors. Its simple minimalist design makes this type of bar stool the perfect choice for an industrial-themed room.

8. Isabella Orange Leather Counter Chair
This one chair does seem a bit old-fashioned. Beneath a layer of soft leather, this chair feels comfortable to sit on. Isabella Counter Chair is usually designed with bright colors that attract attention, perfect for those of you who are energetic and like a room with bright shades.

9. The Bar Stool Era
This bar stool designed by Michael Thonet offers a classic design with a modern feel. The frame is thick and strong, but this bar stool is light enough for you to lift and move. Uniquely, the backrest of this type of bar stool is very simple, only the indentation of the wood material blends with the body of the chair.

10. Nerd Counter Stool
There are at least two main advantages of this bar stool. First, the color that grabs attention. It fits perfectly into an attractive accent in the room. Second, the unique design of the seat and backrest. Looks cool and impressed with the times.

11. Pop Bar Stool
Sometimes, some people are not comfortable sitting on a bar stool because the height does not match their body. Well, this one bar stool is different! Pop Bar Stool has a seat holder that is supported by iron rods resembling screw nails. Simply by rotating, you can adjust the height at will, according to your height. In addition to the beautiful design, the color combination also looks elegant. Your desire to modernize the atmosphere of the house will feel easier.

12. Industrial Vintage Swivel Bar Stool
Want to have a vintage-style chair with a swivel seat? Industrial Vintage Swivel Bar Stool is your best choice! However, the height of the stand will not change even if it is rotated.
13. Lucy Adjustable Height Stool
Lucy Adjustable Height Stool offers a bar stool design that is quite different and unique. Because in addition to the modern value generated from the metal material, this bar stool looks dynamic by the seat and backrest that resembles wicker.

14. Puerto Stool
Who would have thought that a basket chair that is usually used to relax on the terrace in the afternoon can also be used as a bar stool? In fact, it forms a unique bar stool. It materialized through the Puerto Stool bar stools.

The bright color of the basket holder provides a striking accent in the room. While the four sturdy iron legs present a thick modern impression. In addition, this bar stool is very fitting to add to the aesthetic impression in the room.

15. Nicolle Chair
This chair, which is colored with bright bright paint, has indeed captured the attention of many people. Perfect for being a focal point in a room and creating an interesting contrast. After resting your back on the swan-neck backrest, you’ll have a hard time getting to another bar stool!

16. Orson Sky Blue Bar Stool
Want a simple bar stool? The Orson Sky Blue Bar Stool is one of the best options you can look at. Another advantage of this bar stool is the design and color is fresh to look at. Having a modern feel at home just got easier!

17. Rose Gold Bar Chair
Despite the name “Gold”, the material for this bar stool is not made of gold, but rather a metal that is quite strong. The name is more appropriate to describe how classy this chair is. The Rose Gold Bar Chair is luxuriously designed. The structure is also comfortable for anyone to sit on. Your house looks even more modern!

Those are 17 types of bar stools that you can use for minimalist modern accents in your home. You can find various variations of bar stools at Dekoruma, you know!